When you pull up in a chauffeur-driven Phantom Rolls-Royce, you let the world know what kind of person you are – stately, powerful and majestic. When you choose this particular car over all others, it shows that you expect nothing less than the best. The concept of poetry in motion barely conveys the grace of this vehicle’s sleek and timeless design.

Arrive in Undeniable Style

At SLV, we source experienced employees, ensuring that you drive off with the right personal Phantom chauffeur. As a distinguished passenger, you can enjoy:

  • Sophisticated details such as a hidden umbrella in each door
  • Single-tree wood veneers and lambswool rugs
  • Heated rear seats and large C-pillars

Alluring Bodywork

The exterior, sitting wide and low, features the trademark chrome grill, topped by the unmistakable Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. The modern Phantom embodies the progression of this model toward streamlined simplicity. The latest in a line dating back to 1925, it takes luxury travel to its logical conclusion. The model is built by hand in England, and no vehicle can touch its dignified nobility.

Additionally, this Rolls-Royce provides a combination of automatic transmission and soft, pliant upholstery that ensures a smooth ride like no other. Relax in the sumptuous interior, or simply catch up on some work as you’re transported elegantly and arrive on time.

Under the Hood

The 6.8l V12 engine provides a top speed of 240km/h, with acceleration achieving 100km/h in less than six seconds. This demonstrates that the Rolls-Royce Phantom is much more than just a pretty face. Its alluring physique is like that of a wild cat, with sinuous curves concealing devastating speed and power.

The chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Phantom has all the necessary, space, style, and power to adequately convey your authority. Contact us to book yours today.