REQUIRE A RESPONSE STRAIGHT AWAY PLEASE CALL US ON +27 21 510 0108 or +27 21 510 0109.

Payments are paid via credit cards unless otherwise arranged. A deposit/excess amount is authorised to secure the reservation. This amount is authorised with the bank to be withheld from the credit card. The amount is not drawn from the credit card, merely withheld by the bank. Once this has been completed, the rental amount is drawn from the credit card.

Reservations long in advance must pay a 10% non-refundable deposit on the rental amount to secure the reservation dates and times. Closer to the actual reservation date, the deposit will be withheld and the rest of the rental amount drawn.

Vehicles must be paid in full before they are delivered. Payments for the rental amount can be paid in cash or via internet banking with proof of payment slips/papers, but this must be pre-arranged with management.

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