Status Luxury Vehicles offers a wide variety of unique promotional vehicles that grab attention wherever they go!

These exclusive cars become a great marketing platform to promote brands. The branded vehicles become mobile billboards that travel up and down roads generating great awareness. The beauty of this type of marketing is that the brand displayed on the vehicle is instantly given an elevated status because of its association with a premium vehicle.

Promo Vehicles can be used for a variety of uses:

  • Promoting a brand for brand awareness or recognition
  • Running competitions on branded vehicles (e.g. spot this vehicle and SMS this number/code to win etc)
  • Promoting up and coming events/parties/launch/functions
  • VIP chauffeur drive services whereby a top branded vehicle is used to collect VIP’s and important clientele for a company on a regular basis

Branded vehicles parked outside a club, restaurant, bar, function, parade, concert, launch, location give off the sense that something important is happening inside and not only creates a VIP image for the location, but attracts VIP and other money spenders

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