When it comes to the business of personal safety, always ensure that your armoured vehicles are fitted with the best protection and top of the line tracking equipment. At Status Luxury Vehicles, our armoured car service is designed and implemented by security experts. In other words, we offer a comprehensive service that includes advanced security features to protect you when you need it most. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot disclose any information over the website, but drop us an email or call us on our national call centre number and we will be more than happy to divulge the relevant information.

What we can do though, is chat more about the cars themselves. The specific techniques our advanced drivers use are not privy to public knowledge however.

At Status Luxury Vehicles, we have gone out of our way to secure a wide variety of armoured and protection vehicles. This includes everything from level one to level seven armour. Our armoured vehicles have been used by former presidents, dignitaries and other highly important people. Included in our protection services are our highly skilled bodyguards. They are well spoken, well presented and friendly and are required to have at least five years of experience in the protection industry.

We do not pick them at random either as they come from a variety of backgrounds, including the military, special forces, police and other protection services. They too have guarded the likes of presidents, dignitaries, top businessmen, celebrities, government offices, public figures and other members of the top brass. Thankfully, our bodyguards are also skilled in advanced driving, should the need arise for such a service. Police escorts can be arranged but in most cases a standard high speed VIP convoy is the best option. These convoys are conducted in a professional manner in order to ascertain the safety of civilians both on and off the road.

Our motto is that one can never be too safe or cautious, so ensure that you arrive at your destination safely by investing in an armoured security vehicle service from Status Luxury Vehicles.

Due to the sensitive nature of these requests, please enquire for more information.