When it comes to limo hire in Cape Town, trust Status Luxury Vehicles to provide you with premium service. We understand that choosing a limousine means that you want to travel in comfort and make a statement. That is why we employ knowledgeable local drivers who will ensure that you are picked up and dropped off on time while enjoying complete comfort throughout your journey.

Some of the most popular reasons for choosing limo hire in Cape Town are:

Matric Dances: Over the years, a limo has become a necessity for young adults attending their final school outing. This annual event sees thousands of students celebrate the end of their school careers with a massive party. For parents, it can be an emotional and worrying night, but opting for limo hire through SLV will allow you to relax. Our drivers will ensure that they travel safely through the night and are returned home safely.

Business/social events: Making an entrance at a big social or business event is vital, and with SLV you have a myriad of choices. Whether you opt to self-drive a top sports car, or arrive in a gleaming, comfortable limo, the choice is yours. The best part about choosing the limo is that it gives you more time for revision should you be attending a business meeting, or really allows you to let you hair down at a social function.

Sightseeing: Driving around a new town means you will miss a lot of the sights that you were hoping to see. In a limo, you can simply sit back, enjoy a drink and gaze out at the natural beauty that Cape Town offers.

For more information on limo hire in Cape Town, contact a consultant at SLV today and we will be glad to assist you with your booking.