PAYMENTS: EFT payments must reflect in our account not later than 72 hours before the start of any booking or service, or as arranged with management in writing; Pre-bookings will require a minimum deposit to be paid to secure a vehicle/service which will be confirmed on the quotation. Vehicles and services not paid for as stipulated above will be re-sold. Status Luxury Vehicles cannot accept any liability or consequences arising from your failure to comply with the above-mentioned conditions.

ADMIN FEE: All invoices incur a 4% admin fee calculated on the total invoice amount.

VAT EXEMPT: In accordance with South African Tax law chauffeured services are a VAT exempt service.

PRICING / QUOTATIONS: Prices/rates are based on transportation only; are current at the time of quotation and subject to change without prior notice; all quotes unless otherwise arranged in writing with management are only valid for 7 days from date of quotation. Rates do not include drivers meals, entrance, parking or tolls fees nor driver accommodation when quoted unless stipulated in writing.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Additional charges apply for waiting times, public holidays, trailers, baby/booster seats, fuel, parking and toll surcharges, additional snacks and beverages requested, driver meals and accommodation when required and additional hours used beyond pre-booked services.

CHAUFFEUR SHIFTS: A standard chauffeured disposal can be booked between 06h00 – 00h00 (Midnight), any additional hourly charges or services required between 00h00 – 06h00 will incur charges of double the additional hourly rate quoted unless otherwise arranged with SLV management in writing.

NO SMOKING IN VEHICLES: A valet charge of R1,050.00 applies should this not be adhered to;

VALET & REPAIR FEES: Should a passenger cause any damage to the exterior of, or soil or damage the interior of, a vehicle the cost to repair, or clean, will be charged to the clients final bill;

MILEAGE: Free mileage is included with each chauffeured service package and will be indicated upon quoting; for all bookings where there is no mileage indication upon quotation our standard limit of 100km/day and R25.00/km thereafter will apply unless otherwise arranged in writing with S.L.V. management;

VEHICLE & DRIVER GUARANTEES: Status Luxury Vehicles will always endeavour to give you the exact vehicle you have requested however due to the nature of our business we cannot guarantee vehicle makes, colours or models; We also cannot guarantee specific chauffeurs to be assigned to your booking but will endeavour to do so on request;

INSURANCE: Insurance does not cover personal property. SLV will not be held liable for any personal property which is damaged or lost;

BOOKING CHANGES: It is the responsibility of the traveller (guest) to advise SLV of any changes to their flights or any other information which may change. If SLV is supplied with the correct flight details we will monitor the flight for delays or early arrivals and will adjust our meet and greet service accordingly;

CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality is mandatory for all SLV Staff, in line with this all our staff are required to sign non – disclosure/confidentiality agreements as part of their employment contracts.


AIRPORT COLLECTIONS: SLV chauffeurs will arrive at the airport no later than 15min before the requested collection time; waiting time of 1 hour, after the flight arrival time, is included in the quoted rates. SLV will charge per hour thereafter for waiting time; all airport collections will take place inside the terminal building with a meet and greet service by the chauffeur unless otherwise instructed by the client or their representative.

COLLECTIONS (OTHER THAN THE AIRPORT): SLV chauffeurs will arrive at the collection address 15min before the requested collection time, waiting time of 30 mins is included in the quoted rates. SLV will charge per hour thereafter for waiting time.

COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN PARTIES: Enquiries, bookings and cancellations can be made via telephone or other forms of communication however all bookings and cancellations must be confirmed in writing via Email (

COMMUNICATION ON BOOKINGS: The assigned SLV chauffeur or dispatch staff will update agents or client representatives for each drive on a regular basis using pre-agreed upon forms of communication.

Any additions or changes made to the itinerary by the passenger will be communicated to update agents or client representatives immediately.


  • Our Chauffeurs will need to stop after every 2 hours of continues driving to stretch and refresh while travelling long distances to ensure they are always alert and driving safely.
  • Our chauffeurs cannot travel for more than 800km in one day from depot to depot to ensure fatigue does not set in.
  • South African law requires all infants/children up to the age of 3 to be secured in a vehicle using a baby/booster seat. These are available on request at an additional charge and must be pre-booked if required. Please note the chauffeur may not, by law, fit and secure the seat, this will be the responsibility of the travellers/guests. Please note a chauffeur service will not be rendered where there is a minor child and a baby seat has not been rented or provided. Cancellation fees would then apply.
  • All passengers/guests are required to wear a seatbelt while a vehicle is in transit, in accordance with South African law.
  • South African traffic law states that MPV’s (7 seaters and above) may not exceed a speed of 100km/h


Days refers to the total days prior to the start date of a rental / service

Cancellations must be done in writing and sent to and must be confirmed in writing by Status Luxury Vehicles.

60 – 31 days: 25% of invoice total;

30 – 15 days: 50% of invoice total;

14 – 8 days: 75% of invoice total;

7 – 0 days: 100% of invoice total.

Additional hourly charges cannot be set off against pre-booked services which are not used, and pre-booked hours not used in a day’s service cannot be carried over to another days service.