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Self Drive Pricing
Free KM 150km Per Day
Rate per km R 8.50
Daily Insurance R 650.00
Insurance Responsibility R 30,000.00
Self Drive Daily Rates R1,750.00
Total Daily Rate R 2,400.00
Applicable Standard Insurance Responsibility: Amount above or 15% of the value of the vehicle, whichever is greater

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Vehicles » Mini Cooper S Convertible

Vehicle Specifications
Engine 1,6lt Turbo
Power 128kw, 260nm
Acceleration 0-100km/h in 8,5 secs
Top Speed 235km/h
Fuel Index 8,5lts per 100km/h
Seats 4

Here is a rundown of the Mini Cooper S Cabriolet, a luxury car rental favourite, and its most important features. Firstly it is a Mini; secondly, it motors down the highway at speeds that will knock you off your seat. What more do you need to know?

For those who do need to know more, beyond the Mini’s gorgeous exterior beats the heart of a true warrior. With a canopy that effortlessly lifts off to reveal a cabriolet with the sex appeal of a runway model (a very short one). This is an energetic driving experience, as the Mini S hugs the road like a train stuck to the railroad, without the inherent ridged experience of course. The Cooper is a pleasure to drive and cheerfully motors from starting point to destination with an aggression once thought to be only reserved for luxury sports cars.

The top itself can be lowered to two positions, half-off or partially concealed. This is achieved with a simple flick of a lever. The inside is perfect for a couple exploring the furthest regions of the Western Cape, or for a single driver looking for a nippy driving experience in the heart of Johannesburg’s busy town centre. The interior is as stylish and well-designed as you have come to expect from a modern vehicle. This is a Mini car rental with a purpose, a car that beats with a turbocharged heart that will delight any driver; 0-100 km/h in 7.6 seconds is not to be laughed at. The Mini Cooper also turns on a dime, with traction that gives it an almost ‘Go-Kart’ like handling. Accelerate hard around corners, shift your gear into third and blaze through traffic. Who said driving had to be a chore?

So what is the Mini Cooper S then? Is it sports car or small cabriolet? It is both, an amalgamation of the very best that a small frame vehicle has to offer. With its lighting fast speed and stunning visual appeal, the Mini Cooper S is a luxury car rental experience that you cannot deny yourself at least once in your lifetime.


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